Vagrant Part 5 - Installing Your Software

Welcome to the Vagrant lesson on how to use Boxstarter to configure Windows and install software as part of the Vagrant provisioning process.

We have all of the needed software in place to start configuring and installing software onto our virtual machine.

In this lesson, we will create an file with all of the install and configuration commands that will be executed with Boxstarter.

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Vagrant Part 4 - Install Boxstarter

Welcome to the Vagrant lesson on installing Boxstarter as part of the Vagrant provisioning process. Boxstarter gives you the ability to bulk install Chocolatey packages plus several helper functions for Windows configuration options.

When you bulk install using Boxstarter, it will detect any reboots that are triggered by MSI installers, reboot the machine and then run the Boxstarter script again.

The Windows configuration helper functions that Boxstarter provides to enable or disable Windows features include items such as:

  • Remote desktop.
  • Microsoft update.
  • User access control (UAC).
  • Set taskbar options like size, postion, and lock the size.
  • Set Windows explorer options like showing hidden files, protected OS files, and file extensions.

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Vagrant Part 3 - Provisioning With Chocolatey

Welcome to the Vagrant lesson on installing Chocolatey as part of the Vagrant provisioning process.

The first thing we are going to do as part our provisioning is to install Chocolatey onto the virtual machine.

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Vagrant Part 2 - Provisioning Introduction

Welcome to the Vagrant lesson on what Vagrant provisioning is.

Provisioners allow you to automatically install software and alter configurations during the Vagrant up process.

This is useful since boxes typically aren’t built perfectly for your use case. Granted you could just login to the box and install all of the software by hand. However, by using the provisioning it automates the process, make it repeatable, and requires no human interaction.

This means that you can run vagrant destory, then vagrant up and have a fully configured environment. This makes provisioning super powerful.

Vagrant gives you multiple options for provisioning the machine, from simple command line scripts to more complex configuration management systems such as chef and puppet.

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Vagrant Part 1 - Easy Virtual Machine Management

Welcome to an overview of Vagrant and creating of your first Vagrant machine.

Vagrant allows you to create and manage lightweight reproducible virtual machines.
Essentially, all of the configurations to create and configure a virtual machine are kept separate from the virtual machine. This allows you to delete the virtual machine and then re-create it with all of the same configurations at any point.

No longer do you have to be afraid to delete a virtual machine for a project that isn’t active. You can also give the Vagrant configuration to a co-worker or move it to another machine and be assured that everything will get setup correctly when you create the virtual machine on the new machine.

Before, we can see Vagrant in action, we first need to install a little bit of software onto your machine.

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