Ionic - How to setup on Windows

If you are like me and just starting to work with the Ionic Framework and don’t already have a machine setup to do Android, iOS, Node, etc development then many of the guides out there leave out a number of steps that you need to do in order to get everything working.

It is really easy to get everything working though once you know the steps. Since I am a Windows user and love to automate work that is easily repeatable, I used Chocolatey and Boxstarter to automate the setup for the Ionic Framework.

On Windows, you will only be able to setup Android development. Apple requires a Mac in order to do iOS development.

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Ionic - Using Android x86 Virtual Machine Instead of Emulator

The Android emulator is super super slow and I could never get it working on my development virtual machine. I thought no problem I will just use Genymotion but due to a video card driver issue on my laptop (not Genymotion’s fault), I couldn’t use it either. I was thinking ok I will just have to use a real device and always have it on me when I do Android development work. This wouldn’t have been ideal though since Android development work is just a side project and who wants to carry an extra device just in case you get a few minutes to work on the project.

Well then I ran across someone that mentioned that Android x86 project. This project allows you to run Android on a pc and virtualbox machine. So I follow the guide at Android x86 virtualbox install and was up and running in no time.

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