Camtasia 8.5 - How to Record to Mono

Today I upgraded from Camtasia 8.3 to Camtasia 8.5 and ran into an issue with my audio settings only recording to the left speaker. I know that my microphone only records in mono so this was not surprising.

What was surprising is that the audio settings for the Camtasia Recorder were greyed out when using the TREC format.

In Camtasia 8.3 I could tell the Camtasia Recorder to record in mono so that it would be in both left and right speakers.

After a little bit of searching I came across this forum post that had the answer at the bottom.

When you are in Camtasia Studio, click on your clip, select audio options and check the mix to mono option.

Camtasia Mix To Mono

Note: You may have to separate the audio from the video by right clicking on the clip and selecting the separate video and audio. Then click on the audio track and follow the steps above.

Problem solved and I can go back to finishing my video.

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Visual Studio 2015 - External Web Tools

I ran into an issue with an npm package mis-behaving in Visual Studio 2015 but working just fine from the command line.

After scratching my head for awhile trying to figure out what was going on, I discovered that Visual Studio was pointing to its own version of npm and node and not that ones that were available in my path that the command line was using. Visual

All of these tools are installed as part of Visual Studio but they are installed into the Visual Studio install directory and are not used by the command line.

If you have manually installed any of these tools like I had, then most likely you have a difference in versions between what the command line is using versus Visual Studio.

Luckily you can easily tell Visual Studio which versions to use.

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Visual Studio Code Snippets

There are a bunch of built-in Visual Studio code snippets that will generate code for you with a short keyword and then a tab key press. These shortcuts will make you more efficient when writing code such as creating properties, loops, exceptions, etc.

Below I have listed the code snippets that I most frequently use and what the output from them looks like.

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Favorite Visual Studio Shortcuts

I am keyboard person and like shortcut keys. There are lot of available shortcuts in Visual Studio and here is a list of the Visual Studio shortcuts that I use.

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Favorite Visual Studio Extensions

In the Visual Studio Extension Gallery there are hundreds of extensions that are available. The extensions add additional functionality to Visual Studio. Here are the extensions that I typically have installed.

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