Lab 11: Updating Data

Lab Length: 20 minutes


To implement the ability to toggle the completed state of a task.

Key Concepts:

  • Calling REST update API
  • Toggling an icon based on the state of data

Table of Contents

11.0: Adding Update to TasksService

  1. Open the www/js/service/tasks.service.js file
  2. We are going to add a new function called updateTask. This function will take in the task object. It will then call the Back& API and update the data.

     function updateTask(task) {
       return $http({
         method: 'put',
         url: Backand.getApiUrl() + '/1/objects/task/' +,
         data: task
         .then(function (result) {
           return result;
  3. Don’t forget to expose the updateTask to the service.

       var service = {
           getTasks: getTasks,
           addTask: addTask,
           updateTask: updateTask

11.1: Adding Update to the TasksController

  1. Open the www/js/controllers/tasks.controller file
  2. We are going to add a new function called updateTask that takes a parameter called task that will hold the task json object.

      function updateTask(task) {
  3. Within the updateTask function we are going to set the completed value. Since it is a toogle for the completed state, we want to set it to the opposite of what it is currently set too. We are then going to call the TasksService.updateTask function.

     function updateTask(task) {
       task.completed = !task.completed;
  4. Now we need to expose the updateTask function to the view

      vm.updateTask = updateTask;

11.2 Completing Tasks

  1. Open the www/templates/tasks.html file
  2. On the checkmark icon we need to add another attribute called ng-click that calls vm.updateTask and passes in the task

     <i class="icon"
         ng-class="task.completed ? 'ion-checkmark-circled': 'ion-ios-circle-outline'"

We are now ready to test the update functionality.

  1. If you don’t already have ionic serve running, open a command prompt and run the command ionic serve
  2. Select a project and when you click on the checkmark icon for a task it will toggle the completed state.


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