Note: This post applies to AngularJS. The 1.x version of Angular. AngularJS has been end of life at of 12/31/2021.

Recently, I upgraded one of my apps to AngularJS 1.6 along with a bunch of other changes and a bunch of my routes broke. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the routing issue before making a bunch of other changes. The one thing I noticed for all of the broken routes is the urls now had an #! (!/) in them instead of just the # ( I thought maybe I had done something in one of my changes. Low and behold though, it was not something I did but was a breaking change in AngularJS 1.6 per the AngularJS version migration guide. Thankfully the fix to revert the functionality to the previous version of AngularJS was really easy.

In my AngularJS module config I needed to inject the $locationProvider and set to the hashPrefix to an empty string like so:

appModule.config(['$locationProvider', function($locationProvider) {

Now my routes work again they did before.