How to Download and Extract a Zip File with Node


Downloading and extracting a zip file using Node seemed like a pretty easy task but alas it took some time to figure out. While researching how to do this, I didn’t find a library that had all of the requirements within it but I did find a few that allowed me to meet the requirements Requirements Download zip file from a url Extract zip file to a directory location Extract a single directory and all of its sub-directories within the zip file Downloading the Zip File Step 1 was to get the zip file downloaded using Node and make sure that I could manually open it.

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How I Record My Conference Talks

recording/ speaking/ camtasia

When I got started as a conference speaker I would see Jeremy Clark recording his talks and I thought I should record my talks too. It would help me improve as a speaker by seeing how I actually was on stage versus how I think I was. As well, it gives attendees the ability to watch a replay of the talk in case they missed something or weren’t able to see it.

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AngularJS - Why is there an ! in my url now?


Note: This post applies to AngularJS. The 1.x version of Angular. Recently, I upgraded one of my apps to AngularJS 1.6 along with a bunch of other changes and a bunch of my routes broke. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the routing issue before making a bunch of other changes. The one thing I noticed for all of the broken routes is the urls now had an #! (!/) in them instead of just the # (https://myapp.

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Automatically Tweet New Blog Post


After each blog post is published, we need to let people know that a new post is published. We can’t expect people to only find out about the new post through the RSS feed. For this blog, I tweet out that I have a new blog post. However, I don’t want to have remember to send out the tweet because I will forget or get busy with something else. Instead, sending out a tweet should be done for me.

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Angular - No Test Found


Note: This post applies to Angular. The 2+ version of Angular. Are you trying to run your Angular 2 unit test and the Karma test runner is not finding any tests to execute? This is exactly what happened to me when I tried to run the unit tests that are included as part of the project that the Angular CLI generates. The test runner should have found 3 tests to execute but as your could see above it didn’t find any test to execute.

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