Javascript Debugging Made Easier with Sourcemaps

debugging/ chrome/ gulp

Updated: Add clean task that uses rimraf to delete the bundle.min.js file if it already exist. Without this it would just append to the existing bundle.min.js file. When you release your web site to production, you should minify and concatenate your javascript files. You will have much better performance by doing this but unfortunately debugging becomes difficult with the minified code as it shortens all of the variable and method names.

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Chrome DevTools - Hiding Vendor Scripts

chrome/ debugging/ ionic

The Chrome Developer tools are an amazing set of tools for debugging and trobuleshooting web sites. If you are a web developer and have not tried out these tools, you have been missing out. As amazing as the developer tools are, one of the most annoying features to me was not being able to skip over vendor javascript like jquery or angular. Getting stuck in a minified version of a angular or jquery takes you down a deep rabbit hole that you never wanted to go down and is a annoying to climb out of.

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