Running Gulp Task in Visual Studio

visual studio/ gulp

When I am working in an code editor such as Visual Studio, I do not want to have to have to leave the editor to run command line programs such as Gulp task. I want to be able to run the gulp task right from instead the editor. Starting with Visual Studio 2013, you could do this with the Task Runner Explorer extension. Microsoft then integrated the Task Runner Explorer into Visual Studio 2015 so you no longer have to install an extension.

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Installing Gulp 4.x


Gulp 4 is not released yet but if you have a need to install it here is how to do it. I will cover how to globally install it as well as how to update your package.json for your projects. Globally Installing Gulp The first thing we need to do is install the Gulp command line to be able to run the gulp task. Open a Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac or Linux) Check if you have Gulp CLI < 1.

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Javascript Debugging Made Easier with Sourcemaps

debugging/ chrome/ gulp

Updated: Add clean task that uses rimraf to delete the bundle.min.js file if it already exist. Without this it would just append to the existing bundle.min.js file. When you release your web site to production, you should minify and concatenate your javascript files. You will have much better performance by doing this but unfortunately debugging becomes difficult with the minified code as it shortens all of the variable and method names.

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Automatically Add JS/CSS Files to Your Ionic Projects

ionic/ gulp

As you work on an Ionic based project or for that matter any web projects that have javascript or css file, you will at some point forget to add your new javascript or css file to the page and wonder why the page is broken. This is really annoying when it happens as many times you spend quite a bit of time troubleshooting before you realize that you just forgot to add the script or css tag.

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