Strongloop - Fixing Security When Extending User Model

ionic/ strongloop

After following Raymond Camden’s Strongloop Introduction, I was ready to update the todo demo application that I have been using for the Ionic Arizona Meetup. So I created a models for projects and app users. The app users model base class was User. Then within the project model I associated a project to an app users with a belongsTo and in the app users model I associated multiple projects to a single user with a hasMany.

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Getting Visual Studio Cordova Tooling Working with the Ionic Framework

ionic/ visual studio

I am doing an Ionic Framework presentation and I wanted to use the Visual Studio 2015 Cordova Tooling. I have done this presentation twice in the past couple of months using my Intel Nuc machine with the Visual Studio 2015 RTM Cordova tooling but it is kind of pain to do this since the Nuc is a desktop machine and doesn’t have a monitor so I have to look at the projector screen or being a laptop to use as well.

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Visual Studio 2015 - External Web Tools

visual studio/ ionic/ npm/ nodejs/ bower/ git

I ran into an issue with an npm package mis-behaving in Visual Studio 2015 but working just fine from the command line. After scratching my head for awhile trying to figure out what was going on, I discovered that Visual Studio was pointing to its own version of npm and node and not that ones that were available in my path that the command line was using. Visual Studio 2015 ships with:

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Chrome DevTools - Hiding Vendor Scripts

chrome/ debugging/ ionic

The Chrome Developer tools are an amazing set of tools for debugging and trobuleshooting web sites. If you are a web developer and have not tried out these tools, you have been missing out. As amazing as the developer tools are, one of the most annoying features to me was not being able to skip over vendor javascript like jquery or angular. Getting stuck in a minified version of a angular or jquery takes you down a deep rabbit hole that you never wanted to go down and is a annoying to climb out of.

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Automatically Add JS/CSS Files to Your Ionic Projects

ionic/ gulp

As you work on an Ionic based project or for that matter any web projects that have javascript or css file, you will at some point forget to add your new javascript or css file to the page and wonder why the page is broken. This is really annoying when it happens as many times you spend quite a bit of time troubleshooting before you realize that you just forgot to add the script or css tag.

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