ASP.NET Core Environment Variables With Semicolon in Jenkins

In my ASP.NET Core project, I am using an environment variable in the form of MyProject:MyVariableName and needed to create a Jenkins pipeline but I could not get it to recognize that format. It kept making the environment variable name just MyVariableName. Below is the code from the Jenkinsfile that I tried that was causing the issue. stage('Run All Test') { environment { MyProject:MyVariableName = "Some Value" } } Turns out that Jenkins does not recognize the : in environment variable names.

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Using GitVersion on Jenkins

For my continuous integration builds I use Gitversion to determine that SemVer to use for a particular build and release. For pre-release builds the version would look like something like 0.1.5-ci0004 where the -ci is appended to the version number and the 4 is the build number in the CI system. Then for a release release version, it would just be the version number of 0.1.5 without the -ci or build number at the end.

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