Add Table of Contents to Markdown

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When you are writing tutorials that are broken up by sections it is nice to have a table of contents at the top to help the users navigate. However, maintaining this by hand is a no go. Luckily there is a great npm package called doctoc that will look at the headings in your markdown file and generated a table of contents for you. Table of Contents Sample Using This Post

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Visual Studio 2015 - External Web Tools

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I ran into an issue with an npm package mis-behaving in Visual Studio 2015 but working just fine from the command line. After scratching my head for awhile trying to figure out what was going on, I discovered that Visual Studio was pointing to its own version of npm and node and not that ones that were available in my path that the command line was using. Visual Studio 2015 ships with:

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Removing the NPM spinner


One of the most annoying features of npm for me is the spinner. Many times it runs long enough that I am wondering if it is still working or hung. Thankfully you can easily change this with the .npmrc file. On Linux/OSx, create the file ~/.npmrc On Windows, create the file %USERPROFILE%/.npmrc Add the 2 lines below to the file spin=false loglevel=http Save the file Close your command prompt/terminal and reopen it.

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Npm, Bower, Git, and Bash Proxy Configurations

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When you are using npm, bower, and git behind a proxy server you have to do a little bit of configuration. Luckily it is super easy to do these configurations. Almost all of the programs have command line commands to set and unset the proxy server. Updates: Updated 2015-Feb-01: Added running source command for Bash and Ruby Gems section Updated 2015-May-07: Added the Ionic Start command Updated 2015-May-08: Added the Android SDK Updated 2015-Aug-03: Added command lines to set proxy Updated 2015-Oct-20: Added Gradle Windows Command Prompt Current Command Prompt Only set http_proxy=[Your Proxy]:[Proxy Port] set https_proxy=[Your Proxy]:[Proxy Port] Unset Current Session set http_proxy= set https_proxy= Globally as a System Environment Variable Run from an administrative command prompt

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