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Solved: Windows 10 Errors When Trying to Watch Video with HEVC Extension Not Found

WTF! Why Can’t I Play My Video So you tried to watch an mp4 video in Windows 10 and it threw an error at you that “To play this video, you need a new codec, HEVC Video Extensions and they want you to pay $0.99 for it. If you are like me, you are wondering what the heck is the HEVC Video Extensions and why all of a sudden do I need it to watch an mp4.

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Favorite Windows Shortcuts

So many times I watch Windows users spending lots of time doing task that should just take a few seconds but instead are taking several minutes because they are taking the long way around to get the task completed. Here are some examples that I see people doing and below I will show you how to get them done the easiest way possible. Getting 2 programs side by side half screened Navigating in Windows Explorer to find the Visual Studio solution or project directory Open programs as an administrator Just opening up task manager.

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Favorite Windows Programs

Developer productivity is not just about maximizing your speed in editor. It also includes additional software to help you be more productive. Below is some of my favorite Windows software that I use. Password Management LastPass - Password Manager. Remembers passwords so you don’t have to. Auto log you into web sites, store secure notes, wifi passwords, etc. Web interface and desktop is free. Mobile device application is premium version at $12 per year.

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Presentation Environment Setup

One of the first things that you learn when giving presentations is that fonts and font size matters just as much as the content. Below is a listing of the various font settings that I have found to be effective and how to set them in the programs that I use. If you have other programs that you use, feel free to leave a comment on the font settings that you use.

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Windows 8.1 - Powershell Script to Uninstall Default Programs

When I am provisioning a new development virtual machine with vagrant, I do not need all of the Windows 8 modern applications such as bing maps, finance, skype, etc to be installed onto the virtual machine. These applications are nice on a non-virtualized machine but on a virtual machine it just uses extra resources that aren’t needed. The base install of Windows has all of these programs installed with live tiles turned on that I don’t need.

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