I rarely use my Dell tablet and when I went to use it again I couldn’t remember the lock pattern. No problem I thought I will just reset it but I had since changed or my router and the tablet wasn’t able to connect to the Internet.

So my only option was to figure out to do a factory reset of the device. This device does not have a reset button on it. So off to Google I went.

So long story short. After much searching I figured it out.

  1. Hold power button down to shutdown the device
  2. Power on device and immediately hold volume down button.
  3. This will bring you to a screen where you can selected DruidBoot or Recovery. Use could button to navigate to Recovery option and then press the power button to select it.
  4. You will then get the Android logo will an exclamation point over it. This is Androids way of saying you don’t have a custom recovery. Hold down the power and press the volume up to get a mini menu.
  5. Select factory reset from the options. Use volume buttons to navigate up and down. Press power once you have factory reset selected.
  6. On the next screen is a menu that ask are you sure you want to reset. Use the volume buttons to navigate to the I am sure option.
  7. It will take several minutes to reset the device and deleted all of the data. When done it will return you to the initial menu.
  8. Select the reboot option and when it completes the start up it will walk you through the initial setup agasetup Android.

Figuring out these instructions was a pain. I was ready to give up on the tablet being able to be used again and just put it in a drawer to collect dust. Now I can use the tablet again and it only took a few minutes once I figured out the instructions.