In this series, we are looking at some of my favorite VS Code extensions.

Extensions in VS Code are invaluable to speed up your work and make you more productive.

In this post, we will look at the GitHub Pull Request and Issues extension that allows you to stay where you are writing your code and manage your GitHub pull requests and issues right from VS Code

What is Included

This extension provides:

  • Listing and browsing PRs and Issues
  • Reviewing PRs with in-editor commenting
  • Validate PRs with easy checkouts
  • “Start working on issue” action creates a branch for you
  • Create issues from “todo” comments


Once you have the extension installed a new icon will show up on the sidebar that will show a list of pull requests and issues.

Pull Request Demo

Pull Request Demo

Create Issue from Todo Comment Demo

Create Issue from Todo Comment Demo

More Details and Install

You can read more details about the usage and install GitHub Pull Request and Issues Extension at the VS Code Market Place